Rise of a Legend



TIME TRAVEL: Eva Mackay is a historical journalist. While investigating a dig, she is given a medallion and within the blink of an eye, she’s scrambling to save her neck. She has travelled back to the year 1297, only to be saved by none other than one of Scotland’s finest heroes, William Wallace. He’s a mountain of a man, and a true leader. She can’t change history, but she can watch it unravel. Not only will she be able to record an accurate version of his life, but be part of it. Returning to her time may pose a problem because she’s falling in love with him.

There comes a time in every author’s writing career where all words that have been written before are surpassed by one great piece; a legacy for the author. “Rise of a Legend” is Ms. Jarecki’s pivotal work of perfection. There is no sign of bodice ripping in this epic tale created to encompass the life of Scotland’s great hero. Action and warfare are written with exact precision. Life in 1297 is aptly described to draw the reader back in time with the characters. There is no fluff in this novel; only tight, well planned storytelling for those who enjoy historical romance, “Rise of a Legend” is the epitome of flawless.

Sloane Austen