Ripples Through Time


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Tess Corbin is the daughter of a rock legend.  Her father died when she was twelve, and her mother has been making poor relationship and financial decisions ever since.  Killian Seymour is a wealthy modern-day actor, who ‘claims’ Tess, so her mother sees it as a financial windfall.  Tess is not so sure.  When she heads back to her hometown to contemplate this major decision, Killian shows his true personality.  Meanwhile, Tess is wearing an engagement ring she isn’t sure she wants.  She heads outside to ‘think’ in the tree house her father built her years ago, and slips and hits her head on a knot in the tree.  When she wakes up, she is in the year 1900, being rescued from wolves by Heywood Paxton, a local farmer.  

The creative premise of the story and the craft required to make it work are very evident here.  Tess is able to travel through time, and she discovers that actions taken in the past have affected the present day — but she is the only one aware of the changes.  She is trying to right the wrongs she has inadvertently caused, all the while hiding her true identity, as no one would believe her time-traveling tale.  The realization that her past actions are changing the present reality puts a heavy burden on Tess.  The author throws in some emotional abuse as well, which increases the tension in the story.  Ms. Jamison brings this story to life with a strong sense of time and place in each locale!  

Carey Sullivan