The Right Notes (Love Rocks #1)


NEW ADULT:  After her boyfriend of four years dumps her for his career, Mya is determined to never let a man treat her like that again. That is until her best friend wins tickets to the Hunting Winchester concert in a radio contest. Unwilling to let down her friend, Mya agrees to go, not expecting to meet the star of the band, Asher Dawson himself by chance. When Asher takes an interest in Mya, she dismisses his attention as temporary, but Asher has other plans. Can a relationship between a rock star and an average girl last or are they fooling themselves? One way or another, they will find out.

An engrossing rock star romance, the basic premise of the story isn’t new, but somehow “The Right Notes” sucks the reader in anyway. Asher has given up the things that gave him a bad boy image, and now that he’s straightened up, he wants someone real in his life, like Mya. Mya has been hurt, and even though Asher looks like he’s reformed his past and band still haunt him.


The romance grows well over the story, and the conflict between Mya and her ex, as well as the conflict within the band add twists and turns to the story that keep it from being just yummy fluff. The story behind the band itself gives the story dimension and with the side characters thrown in, who all need their own stories, this book is hard to put down. Overall, “The Right Notes” hits all the right chords without sacrificing story or steam.


Sarah E. Bradley