The Remnant

William Michael

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Working for the Center of Theological Control, Colton Pierce apprehends Abberants — those who show symptoms of having a faith of any description. Years previously, the government engineered a super flu that destroyed the genes suspected of causing people to have religious beliefs. The Abberants are the ones believed to be immune. They are then quarantined on an island to ensure public safety. Colton is horrified when it's discovered that his son has been marked as an Abberant. He teams up with the Remnant, an underground organization who wants the Abberants freed. Should he remain loyal to the Center of Theological Control or save his son?

An interesting concept, “The Remnant” takes on a very political subject and gives it a complete makeover. William Michael Davidson has written a book with good dialogue, an exciting story and a host of enjoyable characters. The sentence structure makes it so certain scenes move quickly; the action is fast paced and adds to a very intriguing story. William's love for his son is beautiful and the choices he makes to keep him safe would be difficult for any parent. The tag line at the synopsis of this book is gripping too. 'One Nation. Without God'. An original storyline and an exciting book!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick