Ready for Whatever

Kathryn R.

WOMEN'S FICTION/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  After the untimely deaths of her mother and grandmother, Millie knew the odds were against her. Now in her late twenties, Millie has tested positive for the BRCA gene. While the marvel of modern medical advances will give her a new lease on life, Millie’s recovery from a double mastectomy and hysterectomy is brutal. And on top of everything she’s been going through, her boyfriend dumps her, her best friend is suddenly snarky and insensitive, and her father is missing in action. Under the circumstances, the last thing on Millie’s mind is romance. But, an unexpected friendship with Sterling, a ‘Hot British Dad’, soon develops into something deeper. However, Millie is holding back pertinent information that could jeopardize her new relationship with Sterling. 

Premature death, cancer, the BRCA gene, and the very realistic descriptions of post- surgery recovery are extremely emotional topics. But don’t think for one minute that this book is full of heavy, tearful drama. The author approaches Millie’s dilemma with humor, including some moments of madcap hilarity. This book is an inspirational tribute to the brave women who have taken control of their own destiny by taking a preemptive strike against cancer.  Millie is a character one will cheer for and sympathize with as she adjusts to her ‘new normal’. While Millie’s struggle naturally takes center stage, our amazing hero deserves major kudos, as well. The world needs more men and fathers like Sterling. Overall, the author has done an amazing job of approaching uncomfortable topics with grace and respect while still giving readers a sweet, sigh-worthy romance!

Julie Whiteley