The {Re} Model Marriage


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Kirk and Jamie have been married for two decades, but in recent years they have neglected their marriage and it is crumbling from within. They have set their divorce for the day after their daughter’s high school graduation, but are keeping it a secret from her so as not to taint her senior year. Their house is also crumbling, so they know they have to re-model it before they put it on the market. It all started with a leak in the bathroom that led to an entire remodel of the bathroom, which ended up being a remodel of the entire house and their attitudes towards each other. 


This is not just an entertaining novel: it also has tips on how to do things around the house, such as creating a neat bead of caulk. There are a plethora of good tips throughout the book. Kirk and Jamie are fun to get to know, even though in the beginning, they are stressed and upset with one another. They reflect on their marriage from the beginning and try to decide when they derailed and instead of focusing on that, try to rebuild to make a new life for themselves. This is a beautiful allegorical work that is seldom seen in this day and age. A wonderful story filled with heartwarming surprises, this is a novel that should not be passed up!


Belinda Wilson