Raven’s Breath (The Women of Purgatory Book 1)


NEW ADULT/PARANORMAL:  When you die, you’re never alone—there’s a Reaper waiting to help get you to your final destination. Raven has been a Reaper since she was hand-picked by Death. She has been bestowed gifts that no other Reaper has, such as the ability to gather runaway souls and bring them back to Purgatory. But when she is marked by Heaven and her powers grow stronger and Death starts, well, acting pretty shady, Raven finds that her powers can mean much more than she expected. After all, the power of life and death is in Raven’s hands: Raven can either be your grim reaper … or your saving grace. But what does that all mean when there is an all-out Apocalypse looming on the horizon? 


The story is fast-paced and incredibly engaging, making readers want to know what happens in subsequent books in the series. Raven is plucky and smart, and her side-kick, Garrett, offers a needed counterpoint to Raven’s wit. Where the story falls a bit short is in the pacing and the relationships between the external characters. For instance, Raven’s love interest, Michael, doesn’t have much of a presence, but it will be interesting to see how much of a role he will play in other books. It is also slightly difficult to put a finger on where the plot is going—things don’t seem to fall together until the very end of the novel. This type of suspense some readers will absolutely love, and some other readers will be off-put by. This story is quite enjoyable and incredibly well-written and conceived. 

Mia Francis