The R-Word (The Colours, #2)


SCI-FI:  Return to the world where colors have come to life in the host bodies of five humans - hosts that are now being missed by loved ones. Alas, the colors cannot give back their hosts, even if they wanted to.  Neither can the lightless beings that have gathered around the colors step away from them, even when they are in danger. The humans are enthralled by the light within the colors.  Malcolm, the leader, draws them together by wavelength and knowledge to find the missing colors that would create the R-word, or rainbow.  Battles of emotional and sexual tension wage between humans and colors. 


Ms. Webb drops the reader right into the moment she leaves off at the end of 

Splintered Energy, alleviating the stress of the previous cliffhanger ending. Sadly,  she drops the reader off another cliff’s edge at the end of book two in the series, with more questions to be asked. The characters develop dramatically during the adventure that brings them closer together, even when it seems they should be falling apart. Even the addition of another human in the mix only creates a beneficial blend into the palette.  A touch more action would have allowed the book to propel the severity of the issues facing humanity and the colors. Less talk and a more action would be better.  Time is of the essence, to bring the colors together, with the reader left waiting for the answers to be discovered... if they can be! 


Penelope Anne Bartotto