Quicksilver Moon: When Lightning Strikes, Bk. 2


TIME TRAVEL: It’s 1986 and Ariana Matineau is about to marry the rock star Zane Moore. Her mother and friends are not sure why - Zane is very self centered; caring  only for himself and the fun he can have. The day before her wedding, Ariana’s mother gives her a coin,  a family heirloom that will show Ariana her true love.  All she has to do is to keep the coin with her while she sleeps. Ariana agrees. While she sleeps, a strange storm arises and a bolt of lightning throws her back in time to 1487.
Lord Spencer Douglas is a man of adventure - at least in his head, since he has never traveled far from home.  The son of a wealthy land owner, he is to marry for money. When a bolt of lightning suddenly strikes on a clear night, Spencer goes out to investigate, only to find a woman lying unconscious. This mysterious woman is Ariana Matineau.  Could she be the change he has been looking for?
“Quicksilver Moon”  is wonderfully well written, with mystery, time travel, mayhem, and romance!  The story line is powerful, and to the point.   Most readers will find themselves very drawn to Ariana and Spencer, with their witty and whimsical banter. Both are very strong willed, but tender hearted, making them a match in both body and soul.  Even the veil of time can’t stop true Love!

Melody Prat