The Pursuit (Citizens of Logan Pond Book 3)


DYSTOPIAN:  Book 3 of the Citizens of Logan Pond series opens with Carrie Ashworth recovering after viral meningitis that nearly killed her. Greg Pierce, her neighbor’s grandson, never seemed to like her much, but he is the one who nursed her back to health and is determined to protect her.  Chief Jamansky entangles Carrie in his plans for revenge on his subordinate patrolman, Oliver Simmons, due to his friendship with Carrie.  Carrie finds herself in a nightmare, and may lose any chance at happiness in an America ruled by a despotic ruler who is systematically depriving Americans of all their rights.

“The Pursuit” is timely fiction set in a dystopian America where a president has seized power, making law-abiding citizens enemies of the state.  This novel is intense and unrelentingly serious.  The author maintains the dramatic tension to the very end, as Carrie and Greg fight to keep their family and friends safe.  Carrie and Greg are both characters that readers will connect with, both in their strengths and weaknesses.  They show devotion to loved ones and determination in the face of odds stacked against them. The secondary storylines and characters are equally well-developed, leaving no loose ends. The antagonist is a cruel and selfish man, but there are moments where the reader can almost feel that there’s a decent human being lurking underneath. While the romance is a very strong element of the story, this works equally well as a suspense novel.  “The Pursuit” is recommended to dystopian readers.

Danielle Hill