The Pink Rose of the Prairie (Hell Yeah! Kindle Worlds Novella)


TIME TRAVEL/WESTERN:  With her pink-streaked hair and tattoo, Rose McAllister just doesn’t fit into the box that her traditional mother expects her to.  She’s therefore grateful when she secures a teaching job in the town of Harvest, many miles from her parents’ home.  Seth Peterson has always dreamed of being a sheriff, but his mixed Indian and White heritage is a block to that ambition in post-Civil War America.


Finding herself lost on her way to Harvest, Rose stops for a break, but what she doesn’t realize is that she’s about to become lost in time as well as location.  Seth is surprised to find such a beautiful woman alone on the prairie and takes her home for her protection.  Will these two misfits from different times find that they belong perfectly together?


Readers looking for a delightful feel-good romance with a time travel twist, stop here!  The hero is swoon-worthy, but there is more to the story than just the romance as the author gives readers a taste of the Wild West.  It does however take a bit of effort to get one’s head around the time travel element as well as  a few other threads that were left hanging.  The story  also needed more depth and understanding behing the outer story. Still, the suspense, emotion, and lovely characters keep the reader engaged from start to finish.  The love happens quickly between Seth and Rose, but feels believable as they are two out-of-place souls finally recognizing the place where they belong: in each other’s hearts.


Heather Belleguelle