Phoenix: Rising



CNF:  This is not rated as CNF because of lack of story or plot. There is an abundantly clear storyline for anyone willing to brave the stylistic writing. In a post-nuclear earth, there is an Empiric Theocracy based around Sol Invictus loosely based on Christianity. Imagine the thought process of medieval monks, whose ramblings and writings delve deeply, if one was willing to take the time to read the originals. Mesh that with futuristic technology, housed in an iron fist stronger than Medieval Catholicism, that has spread out onto other planets, following people trying to run away. Now lift Jesus straight from the New Testament, mix in some Old Testament miracles, only call him “Phoenix” and place him around nuclear-bombed Rome – where those against Sol Invictus are forced to live. The narrator is a blend of a religious observer, like Gamaliel, a trained warrior – judge, jury and executioner - like a Knight Templar, and a persecutor like Saul, but following and making records during the life of “Phoenix,” before eventually becoming unindoctrinated as an Investigator, and becoming a believer.

The rating of CNF is specific to the lack of any kind of paragraph structure and chapters. Though warned by the “narrator” that this is being hand written as a report in “Lowtech,” even medieval scriptural scrolls are broken into categories, sub-categories, pages, and paragraphs. Stylistically written to resemble the way a monk would have thought and written, it is nearly impossible for the modern reader to decipher without some kind of recognizable structure. A clever content editor could make this book into a fascinating retelling of the story of Jesus. 


Julie York/Shaunna Gonzales