SCI-FI:  After being attacked in her lab and spilling chemicals, Kayla Armstrong falls into the chemical stew on the floor and then straight through the floors Joel Weisberg, the leader of Xi Force, is always looking for new team members, he just wasn’t expecting one to fall quite literally onto his lap. He is not complaining since the incident not only adds a new member to his team, but a new love for him as well. With her newfound ability to walk through walls and move through floors, Kayla just needs some training and time. But when an old enemy returns with new abilities, time is the last thing they have. Now it’s up to Kayla and the Xi Force to save Joel before he’s murdered, again. 

A sci-fi novel focusing on superheroes, “Phaze” is an action-packed novel that begins with a bang.  It is the second installment in the series, but the author effortlessly brings the reader up to speed and captures their attention in a matter of pages. Despite not having the most original plot, it is what the author does with the plot, as well as his characters, that gives this novel more depth than anticipated. The story is led by Kayla, a remarkably well written and strong heroine. Not only is she likable and realistic, she is someone that everyone can root for.  The chemistry between her and the male lead is evident with humorous banter and definite heat between sheets. Overall, the novel is well rounded, balancing action, erotic romance, and sci-fi while still having a gripping plot spurred on by diverse and complex characters. 

Arec Rain