Peter in Flight

Paul Michael

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Peter is a trade show salesman at the top of his game in the software market, traveling from one trade show to the next and living out of his suitcase. He is busy counting handshakes and telling the stories that go with each one. Especially the handshake he shares with Tatiana, a co-worker and the woman he is attracted to. The plot is unique with a slice of originality. Mr. Peters' adds an extra punch of authenticity with the abbreviations of airports across the country but although the story takes the reader to many cities, the venues are limited to trade shows, hotel rooms, airplanes and airports. Visiting the home office offers little more in the way of description and excitement.

Mr. Peters makes many of the mistakes that often plague a first time author, including tense shifts and slow story line. His writing style is reminiscent of a salesman's sales tool or a resume, possibly even a 'how to' instruction book early on, gradually shifting to a book filled with what feels like journal highlights, much like a blog. The dialogue is infrequent and at times contrived, dragging the plot. Romance scenes are brushed over, even the steamiest one, much like any action. The humor falls short in most instances, unless one subscribes to trade show humor.


Shaunna Gonzales aka Erin Murdock