Perfect Little Plan (Pretty Little Lies #3)


NEW ADULT:  Pyper Lexington is a woman with a plan. Actually, it is more that she has basically had her whole life mapped out for her from a very young age. Pyper’s father, a prominent business man, has big expectations, and has spoiled her to the point where she no longer feels that she can deny anything her father asks. That is, until she meets Rixton Andrews, bartender, heart-throb, and cowboy all rolled up into a hot package. After spending time with Rixton, Pyper realizes that what she now wants has nothing to do what she has always had planned. Her father does not agree with her new plan and Rixton’s hidden surprise puts the bull of their relationship to bucking. Will Pyper be able to figure out what she wants before it is too late?

Jennifer Miller weaves a story so incredibly well that it is easy to get lost in Pyper and Rixton's world. Although “Perfect Little Plan” is the third book in the Pretty Little Lies Series, it is written as a story that can stand alone. The heat between Pyper and Rixton is bottled up and explodes with each turn of the page. The only downside to “Perfect Little Plan” is the fact that Ms. Miller leaves the book unfinished. The reader is left to question what will happen with more than one set of characters. Even with the cliff hanger, Ms. Miller has written a story that will make you laugh, cry, scream, and sigh, not necessarily in that order.

Mary-Nancy Smith