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WOMEN'S FICTION:  Jo Beth and Skylar are typical sisters who share the same passion for skiing. When Jo Beth suffers an accident that crumbles her Olympic dreams, she leaves Colorado and her sister, to move to Brazil in search of a new life for herself. Upon meeting Mitch, Jo Beth’s life has several ups and downs, all of which come to a dramatic end.

TIME TRAVEL/SCI-FI/METAPHYSICAL:  Caesar, Cleopatra, her half-sister, Samia, and Agrippa are eager to explore a tomb of the pharaohs. They discover dozens of tablets that they all know of, but have never seen. Caesar is fascinated with maps and finds an impressive example in the main chamber.

SCI-FI:  In “Rescuing Prince Charming,” protagonist Desdemona Johnson, aka Dusty, leads a pretty ordinary life as a tech writer. When saboteurs try to bomb the prototype of Earth’s first starship, she finds herself at the wrong (or as it turns out, ‘right’), place at the right time to save the starship.

TIME TRAVEL:  Dr. Aubriella Byrne rushes to Kent to discover what has happened to her beloved cousin, when a glance in a mirror reveals the most handsome man she’s ever seen. Knowing somehow that he is from the past and that he needs her, she leaps through the mirror and back in time to help.

Happily Ever After Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 20)
Jessica Day George, Julie Wright, Sarah M. Eden,
Julie Daines, Heather B. Moore, Annette Lyon

FAIRYTALES:  Elise is relieved to escape the grips of her step-mother when she is sent to the new world to marry a Count. Isa is happy to meet Thomas Rumple who ends up helping save her life from a greedy king. Gretel dedicates her life to one of servitude to an enchantress who spares her father, then she meets Hansel who is determined to free her for good.