Out of the Past


TIME TRAVEL:  Historical romance writer Torie Mills buys her great great-grandparents old home just outside Freemont, Iowa and decides to restore it as closely as possible to its original 1870s appearance. An avid genealogist, she has gathered considerable photos and details to help master craftsman and history fan Dave Cameron, the man she hires to do the renovations. When Torie moves into the house she begins to experience time warps when she goes to sleep. At first believing they are only dreams, she soon realizes she’s actually reliving the history of her distant relatives while she sleeps. When Dave spends the night and also experiences a warp they enjoy learning about the history of the time together. Until the night it stops being fun and turns deadly.

Time travel while one sleeps is an exciting idea and fans of genealogy would most likely jump at the chance to experience in person the way people lived and see their relatives at various ages. Genealogy is a prominent thread through this story and if one is not a fan it can make the reading slow in the beginning. Once the romance between Dave and Torie begins the pace picks up and progresses satisfactorily. However, at the end of there are threads that are never explained and the resolution of some story elements is not given the attention it deserves, but  this is a  minor irritation in an otherwise sweet and appealing romance.


Carol Conley