Operation Earth


SCI-FI:  Humanoid aliens have invaded Earth and nothing will ever be the same for Rachael. With everyone is living in fear that the world will soon end, she never expects to be attracted to and fall in love with one of the aliens!  The tall, muscular alien with light brown eyes has the ubiquitous name of Peter, but that’s just his latest appellation, tailored for Operation Earth.  Peter has seen countless worlds assimilated by his alien brethren, and deep down, he wishes for peace and for their takeover of Earth to benefit both his people and the earthlings. He is intrigued by the human Rachael and is unable to maintain a detachment that he would normally feel.  Will the bond between Peter and Rachael help or hinder his goal of a peaceful takeover?


The concept of humanoid alien invasion with a romantic context was appealing and readable.  Rachel is very relatable, with girl-next-door appeal. Peter is attractive and likable, with a combination of an alluring physique and a sense of honor and decency.  Their chemistry was well-written, with fade-to-black love scenes that worked well for this story.  However, the narrative lacked sufficient detail in its world-building from a science fiction perspective. More description of the alien technology would have added needed texture to the novel.  Some plot lines weren’t well developed, such as Peter’s relationship with June, his ex-lover.  Also, the aliens’ origins could have been better explored.  Overall, however, Operation Earth takes an interesting view of alien invasion with an engaging romantic twist!   

Danielle Hill