Once Humans (Daimones Trilogy #2)


SCI-FI:  It’s been ten years since the events in “Daimones”.  Mankind is moving forward and growing, under the watchful eyes of Moîrai. But humans are about to learn that the Moîrai aren’t the only beings involved in Eridu. Sabotage and attacks on communities shatter the peace and the Selected are forced to uncover more about the Moîrai’s motives and make life changing decisions. Between trouble at home and threats from outside, both new allies and betrayals uncover secrets both good and bad and it’s up to Dan Amenta to continue his journey to reclaim mankind’s place in the galaxy.


A hard-core sci-fi, “Once Humans” continues to follow Dan Amenta and his family as they navigate the new world they live in.  As a “selected”, Dan sees his abilities evolve further, and his wife Mary must deal with her continued aging while Dan remains young. The romance in this novel is heavily focused on change (or lack of it over time). Emotions between Mary, Laura, Dan, and Marina are brought to the forefront and explored. 

Although this book has a solid story and interesting development, readers must read the first book to understand much of what is talked about, as many things are hinted to but never explained. However, fans of books like “Ender’s Game” will enjoy this story,  as much of the ideas behind it are similar, making choices that balance the need for advancement with the ideals of the human race. Overall, a good read!

Sarah E Bradley