Nightmares of the Queen


SCI-FI:  “Nightmares of the Queen” is an action-adventure-romance set in futuristic time. In this, book three of the Brajji series, Dr. Cass Baros finds herself wrestling with the mysteries of the universe, but some mysteries are more personal.


Why is she married to Julian, especially since she has no memory of the wedding? Then there’s her own internal struggle against Ta’mat’s possession. Julian is the deceased Ta’mat’s husband. The extra romantic twist is Jaemon, a Brajji, is another love interest who remains devoted despite Cass’ unusual behavior. 

The major issue is the Brajji want to migrate to Earth and use it as its world. Jealousy, nefarious plans, steamy scenes and the occasional zombie and race of aliens populate this short novel.

“Nightmares of the Queen” is a book trying to be a military-suspense, ghost, alien-invasion and a twisted love square story all at once. The use of military terminology has a solid, believable feel to it and the element of time and memory lapses for Cass ups the mystery and suspense. However, the romance angle doesn’t work. Cass, who is the protagonist, is an unlikable character. Part of it could be the possession, but the reader is never given enough information to know enough about Cass to care. It’s heavy on the action, which is typical for sci-fi, and low on the internal motivation. Some of the language grates because it doesn’t create the appropriate imagery. Overall, the book would still suit solid, devoted sci-fi fans.

Morgan Stamm