SCI-FI:  Lillian has survived and exceeded everyone’s expectations the past two and a half years of her three year bond servant contract. Very few, in fact, believed she would make it through her first year. Now she needs only to maintain her honor and fulfill her duties with exactness for six months more and she will be free.  That, however, is a very tall order considering the high stakes and how determined her enemies are to kill her.  And with the colossally important launch of the Nightingale Project - her master’s shining accomplishment, Lillian and her friends cannot afford even a small mistake.  No matter how diligent, however, evil has a way of rising and success may be only a dream.

In the sixth installment of this highly addictive series, readers follow Lillian through her last year of servitude. Ms. Manetti does a fabulous job of developing her characters and making even the most challenging, such as Lillian’s master, Lucius, sympathetic. The sex scenes are hot and abundant in this story as it winds its way to the Nightingale launch.  Unfortunately, there is little else going on as the story lacks any real arc or strong conflict, making it feel as if we are just biding time until the next book publishes.  The writing is still top-notch with layers and layers to unravel, though, and any journey into Lillian’s and her friend’s lives is always an enjoyable ride. It is also not a book that can easily be read as a stand-alone but if one is willing to invest the time in the entire series, it is well worth the effort!  

Ruth Lynn Ritter