Night Music

Deanna Lynn

WOMEN'S FICTION:  After being wounded in the Vietnam War and receiving the Purple Heart, all that soldier Joseph Russo wants to do is to start his life over. Perhaps that will include meeting Charlotte, whose letters helped get him through his service in Vietnam. He moves to her hometown, entranced by the descriptions of life there in her letters, in order to enroll in college at Grand Falls University.  Joe runs into Charlotte on campus rekindles their friendship, which he hopes will blossom into something more. He has one major obstacle, however: Charlotte’s boyfriend. Not only does Deke have a problem with the war, but also with any soldier who fought in it. Joe thought his time fighting was over, but now he realizes another one has just begun — the one for Charlotte’s heart. 

“Night Music” is a poignant, charming tale of love and loss. Author Deanna Lynn Sletten has created characters readers will fall in love with, and a story that is compelling and easy to read. Readers will enjoy watching Joe and Charlotte’s relationship unfold before them, first through their letters, and then as they meet in person and the story evolves.  One problem the book has is the tendency to rehash old information, re-explaining things the reader already knows, which impedes the overall flow of the book. Besides this, however, “Night Music” is a look back in time with a romance that will make readers think, and leave them  smiling once they reach the end. 

Hannah Hurdle