My Southern Bride: The Texas Two-Step Series (Book Four)


COMEDY:  Retired flight attendant Lori Palmer is trying to become a better person.  Not for Monty Joe Nelson or anyone else, but for herself.  That's why when her flight is diverted because of a freak southern Texas snowstorm, she gives up her hotel room to a colleague and agrees to stay at the Nelson ranch overnight.  Until Mother Nature steps in, that is.

Monty Joe is less than thrilled with this plan - Lori's reputation as a self-centered individual is well-founded as far as he is concerned. When he is injured in the storm, however, he is forced to rely on a woman he doesn't trust to care for him and his ranch.  Will Lori be able to prove that she has changed?  

Picking up right where "Courting Trouble" leaves off, Kathy Carmichael's latest installment in her Texas Two-Step series shows the natural progression of the lives of characters from previous books. Organic for those who have read the previous three books, but perhaps problematic for those who haven't.  Although Ms. Carmichael has a talent for writing natural conversational dialogue, unfortunately the plot is predictable and given away early on, with no surprises to follow.  The character’s internal dialogue is repetitive. This seems to be done deliberately – to show the characters talking themselves into or out of something, but it can get tedious. Monty Joe’s “bestie” Billy, is a breath of fresh air. He keeps both the reader and the characters guessing, and is an integral part of the story in more ways than one.

Heather R. Nielsen