My Name is Dee

Robin Wyatt

SCI-FI, FANTASY:  Los Angeles resident, John Dee, is a magic addict who is questioning his sanity. John confesses killing his A.I. son, Albert, and believes the opposing force of The Foo is way more involved than he originally thought. He embarks on a terrifying quest battling extraterrestrials promising to destroy the Earth, and continually warns Sandra, the writer, that danger continues to persist. Once she is kidnapped, MA (Magician's Anonymous) becomes the safe haven for John who freely voices his opinions, and helps him come to terms with his disturbing thoughts while he devises a tedious plan to save her, and the entire world.

Dunn forewarns fans of noir adventure that this is "...a novel for the educated reader...", but most will agree that that's just a nice way of saying that most will struggle completing his cryptic, confusing and complex book. As the hero tries to come to terms with his pending insanity, there are a slew of characters constantly being introduced, and sadly they never get a chance to develop. It's difficult to follow with the numerous breaks in the story, and dimension-hopping. And, some will be offended by the unnecessary foul language which isn't required for the storyline to move forward, or getting the author's point across. It had a smidgen of potential regarding the tale of romance included, but it just never came to fruition.


Jaime A. Geraldi