Must Love Chainmail: A Time Travel Romance (Volume 2)


TIME TRAVEL:  Katy is a practical woman on the verge of marrying her appropriate fiancé. Her girlfriends convince her that a bachelorette trip is essential, and as they tramp through the Welsh countryside and historic sites, they tease her about the upcoming risqué party. Normally, this would bother her, but not when she has just seen a man in historical dress blink out of existence. Her friend Isabelle did a similar trick, which makes Katy believe. Why was the man in the graveyard? Even weirder is a connection she feels to a long-ago knight, one the guide declares was saved by an angel from hanging. All problems she hopes to work out before she walks down the aisle.


“Must Love Chain Mail” is book two in the Must Love Series; it works as a stand-alone. Author Quarles creates a believable modern Wales populated by quirky folks. The issue of time travel is handled with a finesse that is missing from similar time travel tales. The romance opens with a familiar no-nonsense heroine who has her life plotted out, even to her choice of husband and wedding venue. Instead of a bad boy riding up on a motorcycle to disrupt her world, Katy is the one doing the world disrupting as she falls into the past.

Ms. Quarles shows excellent pacing with the chemistry between Robert and Katy. The characters wrestle personal demons as they grow independently and together. Readers will identify with Katy while being charmed by Robert.

Love time travel, knights, conflicted loyalties and romance? This is your book.

Morgan Stamm