Murderer’s Sky (Under Shattered Skies, Book 1)


  The skies are blood red leaving many to wonder what has happened to the world,  The Sun, Moon, and Star’s are crying blood tears, at least that is how it seems to those with no answers to why the sky has turned red worldwide.  While chaos, and gloom has set in, the people of this world are lost to what is going on, including Father Hayne who is not sure that faith can help at this point in time. Life is scary, more than it has ever been. People are missing, many are being killed, but why and how is this happening? Sheriff Elliot Pierce wants answers, but finding them may be worse than not knowing, for the answer may be much worse than could be imagined. As the world shifts into the presence of what seems to be evil, Maria just wants to survive, for the child she carries.
 PD Allen has given the reader a world filled with fear and horror, but hope is in the making. “Murderer’s Sky” is  exceptionally written, masterfully detailed so that the reader’s mind fills with twisted feelings of  life amid this  hellacious world.  Some might say no stone left unturned and that is true for this book! It is gripping, frightening and completely addictive for anyone who loves great horror/thrillers!
Melody Prat