Mourning Sky


Horror: The skies are raining a red acid rain that burns and itches.  Earthquakes and fire in the sky have everyone quaking in fear.  Is this the end of the world, or punishment on mankind for misusing the Earth's gifts?  Everyone in Heater, Arizona is afraid.  Only Delbert, an autistic boy, seems to know what's happening, and he sketches out the continuing evils on page after page.  Attacks on the Hispanic community, God-fearing church-going families taken over as zombies, an evil presence that occupies townspeople in the form of a fly – what more could go wrong?  

Sheriff Eliot Pierce is doing his best to keep order, but he's fighting a losing battle.  He and a young boy named Kevin rescue Maria and her child who can help them fight the growing evil.  But are they too late?  Can the woman possess enough power to overcome what has already happened?

PD Allen pens a other-worldly story about disasters in an end time scenario.  His descriptions are vivid, with his characters fighting battles on all fronts.  The story moves quickly, with little explanation about characters or situations, which makes the story hard to follow.  More back-story would help, as the reader isn't sure what happened with previous events or characters that are important to the story.  The central character of the Father/Alberto is also hard to figure out - this makes the story somewhat muddled, as he becomes a central player in the end. All in all, an interesting read with an apocalyptic flavor, with lots of action  and characters to keep the story moving.

Victoria Z. Burg