Mostly Risky (The Women of Ambrose Estate Book 3)

Heather B.

GOTHIC:  Amelia Ambrose is ready for love, or at least she thinks she is ready for love. Amelia makes a list of potential boyfriends who could also be worth marrying. Her business partner, Grigg Edison, plans to help her find the perfect guy, even though he’s secretly loved Amelia for years. Grigg’s plan is to make sure Amelia puts him on her list and chooses him over all the other guys. Grigg has stiff competition but isn’t going to give up on his pursuit of Amelia. The one big problem that could destroy everything between Grigg and Amelia is a family curse through which every man who loves an Ambrose ends up dead. Can Amelia stop the curse before it’s too late and she ends up losing Grigg forever?

What an unusual contemporary romance story told with a bit of paranormal thrown in! The story moves deftly with some dark moments, some humor and a mystical curse. There are intriguing plot twists that give the book mystery and suspense. The curse, however, isn’t fully explained until later. Amelia, the apprehensive wary heroine, is pretty cautious, but when it comes to the choice of men, common sense fails her, and she doesn’t trust her instincts. Especially since the one guy that loves her has been in front of her all this time, and she has never noticed him. Grigg, the funny charming hero, has all the makings of a great book boyfriend. Plus, no matter how Amelia treats him, he still manages to love her. Readers will enjoy this story where love conquers all even with a curse involved!

Roslynn Ernst