Moon Beam


SCI-FI/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  A female killer is hunting people on the lunar station. She hunts the young team that had come to build the first lunar space elevator which was going to be the best engineering projects ever. The project had just begun when the killer attacked. Now, a solar flare is threatening, and time is of the essence. Chief Clay Flynn and Senior Tech Lou Santini must take out the killer before the killer takes out the entire lunar station. There are men, women and children whose lives are in danger and it's their job to save them.

This is a very interesting read. The action starts from the first page and doesn't let go. Despite there being a lot of technical speak, it is easy to follow. There are, however, aspects that some readers may find hard to follow. The story moves along at an even pace with a lot happening in the story. Clay and Lou are dynamic characters with a tough job on their hands. Suspense builds as they hunt down the killer which adds to the story. With a well-developed plot and a dangerous killer, “Moon Beam” is a story that will pull readers in and not just those who like science fiction. The story has an air of mystery and suspense to it as the hunt for the killer intensifies and reaches an ultimate climax. Readers who may not usually go for science fiction will be pleasantly surprised. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick