Mixed In (Unstable States Book 1)


SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Catrina moves to Cochtonville to work as a chemist for Cochton Enterprises. When she meets and falls for Ulysses, the owner of the Union Station bar, her life becomes more complicated than she could ever have imagined.

In a world where just about anything that is fun is outlawed, Catrina is plunged into a world of illegal condoms and vibrators.  What else is there to do but invent a scanner called ‘No Regrets’ that can warn of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases? Catrina’s entrepreneurial spirit puts her and Ulysses in danger and plunges them into a dark underworld.

What a great book! Sassy and irreverent, “Mixed In” is a desperately needed breath of cool, fresh air in an over-crowded genre. Ms. Haustein’s prose is masterful and her characters are engaging with just the right amount of humanity to make them someone the reader would love to have a beer with. Catrina is full of self-deprecating humor mixed with an aching vulnerability that captures the reader’s heart.

The art of this story is the author’s ability to paint a picture of a dystopian future that feels relatable and real to her readers. Ms. Haustein creates her world with subtlety and intelligence which captures the imagination.  Wonderfully entertaining, “Mixed In” delivers a powerful message with an admirable and honest grace. The reader can look forward to more tales from this author with anticipation. Well done!

Gwenellen Tarbet