Mirage (Destined, Book 1)


NEW ADULT:  Mira and Danny have been in love almost from the day they met, freshman year of college. Along with their two best friends, Kylee and Skylar, they’ve grown closer and closer as the years pass by. Five years after meeting and soon after their graduation, tragedy strikes the group of friends as Danny and Mira are involved in a motorcycle crash—one that kills Danny. Dealing with the grief of losing her fiancé, Mira struggles to come to terms with her new reality … and her new feelings for Skylar, Danny’s best friend. 


Skylar has stayed in the background of Danny’s relationship with Mira, although he’s loved her from the start. Struggling with his own grief and guilt, Skylar turns to women and adrenaline when he loses Mira after one night of passion weeks after Danny’s death. But when Mira walks back into Skylar’s life after a year of radio silence, they attempt to make amends and see where their passion and love can go. However, what happens when all that they’ve known to be true turns out to be a lie? 


Filled with drama from the first sentence, “Mirage” will leave readers’ heads spinning by the end of the last page. This novel will divide readers: some will love the twists and turns of the story line, and fall in love with both Mira and Skylar, and others will dislike how the author leaves readers with a very large cliffhanger at the end of the book. Either way, readers will be taken on a ride with this book that will leave them thinking and evaluating their emotions. 


Mia Francis