The Mercenary (The War Chronicles Book 1)


SCI-FI:  Saakshi, a young rebel imprisoned by the Ketaari Imperial Forces, is sent to a distant space station to work in an alehouse. Things could be worse for her, but when a mercenary named Zoran walks in to the alehouse, her life takes an unexpected turn. With an enemy on her heels, who will stop at nothing to hurt her, Saakshi must depend on Zoran to protect her. When the chemistry between Saakshi and Zoran ignites, neither of them can find it in themselves to deny it, no matter the consequences of their actions. 

In "The Mercenary" author Petra Landon has spun a tale of two unlikely heroes. Saakshi is an intriguing main character. She is daring and enigmatic, and willing to risk everything when necessary. She is headstrong, clever and witty, and a good match for Zoran. He is fierce, brave and very much an alpha male character. The many battles he has fought have hardened him.  He’s afraid to open up to anyone, but Saakshi makes him want just that, to connect to someone else on an emotional level. 

Saakshi and Zoran can’t possibly be more different (being from different planets and races), but their connection feels very real. The romance is a slow burn with a long build-up but definitely worth the time. In addition to the characters, “The Mercenary” also has a strong science-fiction storyline and compelling writing. 

Majanka Verstraete