Memories of the Sharecropper’s Family (An Ainsworth Family History)

Dot Ainsworth

NON-FICTION/MEMOIR:  This  memoir tells the story of the Ainsworth family and how each of them escaped a very difficult life. Sharecropping is a brutal way to make a living — all hard work with very little gain.  Author Dot Ainsworth Day shares the story of her family, and their desperate attempts to make a better life for themselves and their families. Through heartache and hardship, the Ainsworths persevered and prospered. 

This book is an eye opener in more ways than one. Ms. Day has compiled a detailed history of her family — virtually writing everything down — in order to bring the whole story to readers, who may find this book upsetting in parts. She goes back over 100 years and lays it all out, unflinchingly depicting the fate of her family members. With so much information contained in the pages, names and dates are difficult to keep straight, and the reader has to flip back and forth often while reading. Some tearful, shocking and ugly moments make this book a page-turner.  The story of the Ainsworth family is one that will not be forgotten by those who read it.  

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick