The Medievalist


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Jayne Lyons, a true aficionado of King Richard III, is on an archaeological dig site in Leicester England.  She decides to establish Richard’s innocence by proving he didn’t murder his nephews. When Jayne sees a skeleton with a silver sigil of a boar on it, she knows instantly that the skeleton is Richard’s. Jayne is thrust back to the year 1483, two years before Richard’s death in Bosworth Field. As Jayne adjusts to medieval life, her adoration of Richard grows, becoming so much more when she has a torrid affair with him. As Jayne gets closer to Richard and the mystery of his life, will she be able to find her way back to modern times or will she be stuck in the 15th century? 

This book is wonderful! Superbly crafted! The author pays close attention to historic detail of not only a time gone by but of a person. King Richard’s life is shrouded by mystery, murder, deception and betrayals. This book explores what happens in his life. Yes Richard might be a mystery and a murderer, but he is also a caring, charismatic, compassionate and loving person. The reader can’t help but love him no matter the circumstances. Jayne the heroine is not only relatable but real. Readers will love her modern attitudes, but her unease over slipping up or changing history resonates too. In the end, the reader hopes that Richard’s life will have meaning and that Jayne will somehow find her way back and find love despite the circumstances.

Roslynn Ernst