Maybe This Time (A Second Chance Romance)

Susan B.

TIME TRAVEL:  Jennifer Knight is a talented and accomplished actress, still landing lead roles while almost fifty. Jen is proud of her achievements but still feels something is lacking. As she approaches her fiftieth birthday, she reflects on her life, and specifically her two failed marriages. Will she ever have the chance to love again? She soon finds out when her niece, Kat, accidentally transports them back into the eighties and she runs into a man she refers to as "He Who Shall Not Be Named".  He is her first husband, and the only person who can help her and Kat return to their time.

Lance Davies is good with computers. People, not so much — especially his ex-wife, the beautiful and talented Jennifer Knight. He was never sure how to handle her and she always seemed like a dream, too good to actually love him. When her future self appears to him and asks for help returning her and Kathy to 2001, he will not miss his opportunity. Maybe this time they can get it right.

The reader is rooting for Lance and Jennifer throughout the whole story. They are a classic case of opposites attracts, but with an old-Hollywood flair. She’s the determined, free-spirited actress who can warm his practical, structured engineering heart. The concept itself is interesting and the writing is well-executed, however, the pacing is slow and readers will be constantly looking for action that will get the plot going.  The story doesn't quite deliver, and the plot lulls. Still, “Maybe This Time” is an easy and heartwarming read.

Jacey Lee