Maybe Forever (Maybe Series - Book 1)


WOMEN'S FICTION/INTERRACIAL:  In the thick of changes with a toddler and an infant, Laney and Mads found it hard adjusting to the changes their second child brought. Day in and day out, the demands of life seemed to pull and tug at their bonds of love that they believed to be ironclad. As they dealt with a mixture of post-baby blues and Mads' hyper-focus on his growing company, Laney doubted her husband's interest in their marriage and even if love remained between the two of them. Forced to make some drastic decisions, she needed to put herself and her daughters first. She needed to go home to find herself and rejuvenate her emotional battery. This left Mads with a choice as to whether forever was truly in their future.

Beautifully written! Author Kim Golden wove a tale of an authentic relationship complete with the rawness and vulnerabilities of a new-again mother. Laney's inner-monologue about her feelings toward her new baby and the fog she was initially lost in spoke to the truth of her personal experience and attested to Golden's gift for writing the female perspective without judgment.  Powerful emotions flowed through every word of this novel. Readers will relate to, as well as ache and root for this couple as they strike out on their paths of healing and discovery. The only down side is the foreign language passages that are not interpreted. One will be drawn in and completely enveloped in the Rasmussen's lives from the very first scene. This is simply a read you cannot miss!

Amy Willis