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Of Mist and Memory

TIME TRAVEL: Sydney Richmond has been working hard for years all for one goal: to buy her own Scottish island—and she’s got the perfect one in mind! Oorlich Isle is everything she’s wanted, and it’s for sale! And haunted. The resident Highlander ghost has scared off all the previous owners. Sydney will not be one of them!

TIME TRAVEL: When Ellie Hartford, a divorced American Middle English professor, and her two daughters traveled to England to visit old friends, she had no idea of the adventure that awaited her! First is meeting Harry, a very handsome neighbor, then having her ex-boyfriend, John, show up at the house in manacles, bruised and bleeding!

TIME TRAVEL: Lily Bennett is trying to find a place to fit in after both her siblings find lives of their own. When she comes across an intricate timepiece at work and sets it to midnight, she suddenly finds herself in Regency England! She is rescued by Violet, who brings her home to her brother, Gabriel Hawthorn, Earl of Rothden.

The Near Distant
Brett Armstrong, Erin Howard,
C. Kevin Thompson

ANTHOLOGY/SCI-FI: “The Near Distant” is a collection of three novellas that explore life on other worlds through the eyes of three humans from Earth. “By Far and Away” by Brett Armstrong: Tyler journeys to Zan, a planet where he is introduced to his life mate Kayli-Zan. He must decide if life with her is worth sacrificing his humanity.

TIME TRAVEL: An independent young dermatologist, Jenne Lazaar, is visiting the Met in New York with her best friends, Emily and Gabriella. She is captivated by–and then swept into–one of a trio of Allegretto’s paintings, straight into the turn of the 20th century!