Matilda’s Wish


WOMEN'S FICTION: Tilly Lockhart has always struggled in life, when her cupcake business goes under, she’s sure this is the latest in a string of failures. Suddenly when she is out of money and loaded with debt, she inherits a farm from a great aunt, she didn’t know existed. Along with the farm is a menagerie of interesting animals, a substantial bank account and a condition that she lives on the farm for a year before she can sell it or the whole thing would go to a local charity. Luckily for Tilly, her handsome neighbor, Noah, is willing to help a city slicker learn to farm. But not everyone is pleased that the Dun Roamin’ farm has gone to Tilly. As accidents become frequent and secrets are revealed Tilly will have to work quickly to learn what great aunt Matilda was hiding and determine if keeping the farm is worth it.

A humorous work, “Matilda’s Wish” is a light romance, a cozy mystery, as well as a story of one woman overcoming self-doubt and limits to do things she didn’t expect. While this book is not “Eat, Pray, Love” it is still full of simmering romance between Tilly and Noah, has surprising twists to its mystery, and yet manages moments of absurdity that brighten the tale. That said, this story is not so original or thought provoking as some, and the characters outside of Tilly are mostly two dimensional. Still, readers who are looking for mystery and romance will find some deliciously clever moments and Tilly’s own growth is both enjoyable to watch and worth the read!

Sarah E Bradley