The Marann


SciFi: Marianne Woolsey is fluent in seventeen languages, yet content with her job teaching in Casey, Iowa.  That is, until Central Command comes calling, pushing her into a tutoring job for a humanoid race called the Tolari.  The job sounds intriguing – learn a new language, and teach a young Tolari girl Earth's languages.  Marianne is interested, until she finds out that she would live with the Tolari for twenty-six years!  Could she live alone among aliens for that long?  No matter, as Marianne is the only candidate.  

Central Command prepares her for what she will encounter, and Marianne is ready.  That is, until she meets the Sural, the ruler of the Tolari and his planet.  It is an odd meeting – the Sural can flicker in and out of sight at will.  Then there's his ability to read her all her emotions!  Marianne works to hide her feelings, but it's a struggle.  The Sural is struggling too.  He is falling in love with Marianne, but waits for her to make the first move.  It is slow going, with Marianne hampered by a  her youthful tragedy.  

Christie Meierz does a great job with this sci fi tale.  The Tolari realm and Marianne's adventures are totally believable.  Odd sci-fi language is kept to a minimum for easy reading.  Although the romance between Marianne and the Sural is long in coming, it does not disappoint!     Book 1 ends with an open door, leaving the reader eagerly anticipating the next installment! For anyone who enjoys tightly written, wonderfully imaginative Science Fiction wrapped with romance, this one is a must!

Victoria Z. Burg