Magic’s Hostage

Maureen O.

ROMANTIC ADVENTURE:  Book Four of the Caribbean Spell Series picks right up where previous books left off. Miranda is a time traveling witch-turned-pirate from the present who has found herself in the 17th century and in love with Captain Jake Reynard, pirate captain of the ship Moonstone. Miranda’s friend Matthew visits, bringing word of a possible danger to Miranda, the realization that England may hold something mystical that attracts their enemy, and the insight that Jake may be magical in his own right. Miranda and Jake continue to investigate their magical bond to better learn how to control it. 

This read does not contain a recap of the previous three books and is written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with the characters and history, therefore it is not a standalone and should be read in order. Much of the story is told from a narrative point of view, through the author uses dialogue instead of descriptive story writing and is often hops from one character to another in one scene. There are a few typographical errors and some wrong word usage but not so much that it would detract from the story. Still, Ms. Betita writes a fast paced tale of adventure, magic and love that is enjoyable despite the above issues. 

Molly S. Daniels