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The Remnant
William Michael

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Working for the Center of Theological Control, Colton Pierce apprehends Abberants — those who show symptoms of having a faith of any description. Years previously, the government engineered a super flu that destroyed the genes suspected of causing people to have religious beliefs. The Abberants are the ones believed to be immune.

NON-FICTION/MEMOIR:  This  memoir tells the story of the Ainsworth family and how each of them escaped a very difficult life. Sharecropping is a brutal way to make a living — all hard work with very little gain.  Author Dot Ainsworth Day shares the story of her family, and their desperate attempts to make a better life for themselves and their families.

TIME TRAVEL:  Sara Barrett cannot forget the 16th-century Scot who strode into her life and stole her heart. Pursuing him back to his time will mean leaving her brother, her home, and her own life behind — but all that is nothing compared to convincing Edna Campbell to send her back.

TIME TRAVEL:  Meet Janet Tempest: lover of history, wounded by love. A flurry of thefts in the museum where Janet works sends investigators on an unbelievable journey. While chasing a bizarre thief who has broken into the museum a portal appears, sweeping the man away. Left staggering and confused, Janet holds the stolen item in her hand – a golden pendant.

ACTION ADVENTURE:  Robert Garcia is a retired assassin just looking to live out the rest of his days by himself, sailing the ocean.  However, a former acquaintance lures him out of retirement with an assignment to stop a sex-trafficking ring within ISIS. Garcia usually works alone, but discovers that he will have a partner on this mission.