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SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Indra is an Outlier, part of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. Her group is at the bottom of the food chain. She serves the Sovereign who are inside the walled city with the remaining technology. She makes the journey through the wastelands to serve the Sovereign, so her family can have a better life.

SCI-FI:  In the Wild North, justice is administered with lead, and the value of life is measured in coils of iron. Dead or alive makes no difference to Nox the Bounty hunter; in fact, the only good criminal is a dead criminal. However, the shadows of the past dog Nox. The peace his soul craves cannot be found until he can find revenge for his murdered family.

TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  Dianna Cobham returns to the small Newfoundland town to bury her father and a painful chapter of her life. She soon discovers that the treasures left in the family home hold clues to her mother’s mysterious past. Perplexed, Dianna finds a ship in a bottle that has mysterious qualities.

NON-FICTION:  This historical non-fiction discusses Guinevere from Arthurian Legend. Guinevere is one of the best-known women in the history of literature. No one actually knows if she really existed, but her name goes back almost a thousand years. Many people know at least one version of her story, usually the version where she is the wife of King Arthur but also has an affair with Lancelot.

SCI-FI/STEAMPUNK:  “Kissed by Literature” is far less romantic than it sounds – in fact, most of the stories in the book are downright creepy, and will no doubt make goose bumps run up and down the reader’s spine. Be warned.