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WOMEN'S FICTION:  All earth witch Annah-Belle wanted was love. She just was not expecting it to come in the form of her nephew’s best friend after she casts a spell. The charismatic Eric may look like a Norse god, but his attention spins Annah’s emotions into a whirlpool.

Moon Beam

SCI-FI/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  A female killer is hunting people on the lunar station. She hunts the young team that had come to build the first lunar space elevator which was going to be the best engineering projects ever. The project had just begun when the killer attacked. Now, a solar flare is threatening, and time is of the essence.

TIME TRAVEL:  Dianna Cobham never meant to return to the future and abandon Captain “Devil-Eyed” Barrett, the love of her life, and their crew to the whims of the evil Maria and Eric Cobham, so when she suddenly finds herself injured and back home in the future, her only thought is returning to the past.


SCI-FI:  Because of a war that created a bio-engineered virus to attack DNA, young men are left sterile and today’s scientists are working to end that infertility. Their efforts require the sperm of what they believe to be a stray cat, but scientists have no way to know he is from a different planet entirely.

J.R. Rain, Piers Anthony, Tegen Wren, Matthew S. Cox, Richard Roberts, James Wymore, Darin Kennedy, Robert J. Defendi, Jordan Elizabeth, J.P. Sloan, W.K. Pomeroy,
Benjamin Sperduto, Mark W. Woodring, S.E. Bennett, B.C. Johnson, Piers Anthony, J.E. Anckorn, Andrew Buckley, Nathan Croft, Rena Rocford, Ann M. Noser, Randy Attwood, Katie Young,

SCI-FI/FANTASY:  “Darkscapes” is a collection of 21 short stories with something imaginative for every reader. Journey into the darkness, where nothing is what it seems and your worst nightmare is just around the corner...