Love's True Second Chance


Jeff Dawson and the true love of his life, Debbie Beck Larson were high school sweethearts.  Like much in the days of youth, one goes through many emotions and trails of learning, about love and life. Jeff however never truly forgets Debbie. His love for her endures as well as his pain.  So when after college, fiancés, children, two marriages and divorces,  they are once again reunited, they discover that love really is the most powerful force on earth. Family along with each other becomes their reward.  Fate can be cruel, however, and tormented again by losing her to an advanced cancer they cherish the memories old and new with the little time they have left, proving that true love never dies.


This memoir begins with poetry that quickly sets the pace of this emotional tear jerker. A connection is instantly made with both the story and the people that lived it. It is told in just the right way with endearment and conviction and the reader will quickly be requiring a box of tissues. The author takes you there in each paragraph of each chapter with a little bit of humor and honesty.  Closer to the end of the book a few things become redundant and the feeling of a few details too many surface but does not hinder the beautifully compassionate and remarkable story. A commendable work by this author that captures love in its simplistic form and resonates with radiance while bearing his soul, sharing his heart and healing in the process.


Margaret Faria