Love Will Find You: The Knights of Berwyck, a Quest Through Time


TIME TRAVEL/PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL:  Time is a finicky and fragile thing, as Ella Fitzpatrick knows all too well — after falling through time from modern-day America to medieval Scotland. Knowing she has time jumped to find her one true love she is willing to do anything to be reunited with him, though part of that is running from another who hunts her. Fleeing Berwyck to escape her pursuer, she is escorted by one she considers a friend, but this particular journey will challenge and change everything she thought she knew… including what it means to love. Because of this trip, her future and the future of others, is changed, though only time will tell if those changes are for the better.

When the reader finds themselves audibly gasping and feeling genuine angst for fictional characters, that book is definitely a keeper! This book not only manages the swoon-worthy accents with knee-weakening precision, but also keeps the murky timey-wimey stuff well controlled, maintained, and less fuzzy. It truly transforms the reader into an active, engaged participant who is thirsty and hopeful for more books surrounding these circumstances. The people are deeply relatable — it would be incredible if they were real and could continue to tell what happens in their story. Oh! How the heartstrings are strummed when it reaches the moment of truth for the main characters. Worth every second of reading and every minute of lost sleep!

Yannie Sorensen