Love Set Apart (Book One of Edna’s World)


TIME TRAVEL: Edna Campbell is The Council of Witches romance expert and can travel in time. This comes in handy when a woman needs help in the court of Louis XIII, and she decides to go and assist. Theoretically it should be a relatively easy job for the Chief Romance Expert. However, when thrown into unexpected surroundings, Edna must use all her power, knowledge, and skills to not only succeed in her task, but ensure everything ends well. From modern day Edinburgh to the French court of Louis XIII, this is sure to be an exciting ride.

Time travel and romance are woven together to bring this intriguing book to readers. There are an array of fascinating characters that fans of the author’s other series will be glad to see again, and for those who are reading Janae Vale for the first time, it is a nice introduction. Some aspects may be difficult to understand for those who haven’t read the series this book is spun off from, however, it is still a good plot that moves at a nice even pace. The historical accuracy is well done and shows that the proper research has been conducted and put in place throughout. “Love Set Apart” is a cool summer read that fans of time travel and romance can get their teeth into. Add this book to the to-be-read list and be prepared for an enjoyable ride with well written descriptions. Maybe it will take new readers to the series that this book is based on to get to know the characters better. Delightful!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick