Lost Souls


LITERATURE BIOGRAPHY: Matt is a young man when he first meets the members of a struggling band named The Pink Floyd. And so begins fifty years of his association with the band, from casual fan to music journalist to aspiring author. The whole history is covered, from Syd’s odd behavior when he sees him on a street, to the growing recognition among the band of their strengths (technical brilliance isn’t one of them) and their use of them, to the height of their popularity, to their breakup, and finally, to the lives each of them lived after Pink Floyd became something wonderful whose time was done. This fictionalized account of the events in Pink Floyd covers every album released and mentions solo works by Barrett, Gilmour, and Waters. Though Matt’s life isn’t real, the events depicted within the band are.

This thorough and loving tribute to the music of Pink Floyd will be enjoyed by any true fan. Told through the eyes of the fictional Matt, the story begins with a strong conflict between Matt and an older Roger Waters. However, any hopes for drama as seen through the eyes of an insider (fictional or not) are left unfulfilled, including some of the most conflict-ridden parts of the band’s history. Most of the information is told second-hand, either through accounts by the band members or interviews. Matt, as a fictional character, tells a lovely story, but his own conflicts are easily resolved. That said, fans of the band will enjoy the in-depth look at the music and history of Pink Floyd. A treasure to be warmly savored!

Amanda Carlisle