ADVENTURE/COMEDY:  The world is coming to an end. The catalyst? The Internet disappears. 


In a world defined not by family, community, or honesty it takes a mere nanosecond for society to be reduced to utter rubble. One family, one barista, and a bizarre network of individuals will fight to save the world as they know it, while a man by the name of Church watches, waits, and seeks to destroy everything the world relies on to survive. 


Pat Nelson and Will McBride don their imaginary light sabers and head into battle to save the world. With the help of his runaway daughter Micki and her barista friend Tim Dyson, and the remaining government, they believe they can take down the enemy. Granted, the rest of the world doesn’t self-destruct in the meantime, it is a few old fashioned newspapers that keep what little sanity remains in play. While society collapses, a worried father relies on his own wits to find his daughter, who unwittingly gets herself into the deepest web of destruction by meeting the mastermind of chaos, Church. 


Laughter will abound amongst the readers while they mourn reality, as this is a scenario that could easily play out in the near future. Society relies on the cyber-networks for everything from food delivery to the news. The cloud carries more information than the library used to, because now even our books are digitalized. No irony here, but Mr. Fender has his book available in print, only. A sequel is required, Dear Author! 


Penelope Anne Bartotto

***Please note that the title and author's name have been changed. The book title is now "EPIC FAIL: The Internet Apocalypse" by J. P. Parrot.***