The Lonely Girl (Lonely Girl #1)


NEW ADULT:  Becca Potts had a lot to juggle - her senior year of high school and pending graduation. Unfortunately, mourning the loss of her boyfriend was also on her list of to-dos. His life was violently ended in a car accident, and Becca herself suffered physical and emotional wounds. Eventually, her body mended but her heart remained broken. After her brother convinced her to visit and later attend his college campus, she found herself on a different journey. No longer on a solitary path, Becca discovered her heart still raced when an attractive man paid her attention. The only problem, two men made her heart beat quickly. Faced with her body's reaction as well as her fragility, it is possible she chose the wrong man to end her loneliness.

The novel's prologue was gripping, ripe with emotion and tragedy. Drawing the reader into the heroin's emotional tale of love and loss, it quickly dissolved into a stereotypical tale of an impulsive, emotionally erratic teenager. Attempts to like Becca Potts became more and more difficult as the story progressed. Repetitive events, phrases, and character reactions recurred frequently throughout the story's arc resulting in a tedious storyline. If some of these details were whittled down, the book would have a stronger read. It's possible it should have been a novella not a full-length novel. Even though there were some rough spots in the book, the author's descriptions and use of imagery really helped the reader to connect and experience all of Becca's trials and tribulations.   

Amy Willis