London Time (Lost in Time Book 1)

TIME TRAVEL: Emily Christie and her love of Pavarotti frames the girls’ weekend with a visit to the Met to enjoy the art exhibit featuring the mysterious time travel love story and paintings by Marco Allegretto. The mystery involves time travel, eternal love, and three related images of the stages of love. At the exhibition, Emily finds herself unexpectedly transported to her homeland of London in the 19th century. Resilient, Emily must adapt quickly and find acceptance until she can discover a way home. Colin Remington, a titled member of society during the Victorian era in England, investigates a series of unsolved women’s murders when he crosses paths with Emily. She lands a job as a journalist and crafts stories to help women gain a stronger voice in society. Emily finds the charming Lord Remington nearly irresistible. Colin suspects Emily even as he seeks her help with his investigation.
Belle Ami sets the stage for readers to plunge into Victorian society with realistic details of the era and an eye for important works of art history. Along the journey with Emily and Colin to find the killer, they discover the passionate breathlessness of romance as it threatens to overcome reason. Emily misses her friends and the amenities of modern times, but is that enough reason to ignore her heart? It’s impossible not to get caught up in Emily’s plight in this exciting, suspenseful love story. The ending is satisfying, with a surprising turn of events. Waiting for the next book in this three-part series is like fantasizing about an undeniably agonizing pleasure to repeat as often as possible!
Simone Dober